Filipe Carvalho

Chief Administrative Officer | Macau

CFB - Filipe Carvalho


Filipe Carvalho joined CFB in 2022 as the Chief Administrative Officer and is responsible for the overall management of the office, including designing and implementing business strategies, implementing organisational policies and overseeing the Financial, Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology and Logistics departments.

Before joining CFB, Filipe collaborated with several different companies, both in Portugal and Macau, where he performed various tasks and roles.

Filipe has significant experience in strategic and operational management, especially given his past tenure at one of the top beverage companies in Portugal, as well as due to his engagement with one of the most reputed law firms in Macau for the past six years.

Filipe is a responsible leader with an analytical and strategic mind, has an in-depth knowledge of business management, and is strongly committed to productivity and compliance.


2013 – BBM, University of Porto Business School, Catholic University of Porto, Portugal


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